Album’s out; more news soon!

At long last, Crossroads, my debut album, is available from download stores and streaming services worldwide. Check it out on Apple Music or Spotify here.

In a previous post, I described some of the songs. If you want the really deep dive background on each track, and you’re a Spotify subscriber, you can check-out the special Commentary Edition of Crossroads. There’s an introduction with background on the project, and then I give the low-down on each and every track. The stories behind some of the songs might well surprise you.

And finally, you can also download the digital booklet on the web site. Just check out the Music page.

Thanks for checking it all out!

As we wind-down 2018, I’m already back in the studio working on more new music, and I might have a surprise or two up my sleeve here soon as well. Stay tuned!